Sunday, April 26, 2009

How I Love HIMYM...

My friends have always been discussing this US show How I Met Your Mother and I was curious as to what the buzz is.  So I downloaded the first season a few weeks ago and started going through the episodes.

It has gotten me hooked, and here are three reasons why:

A. Barney Stinson is perhaps the greatest bachelor to ever set foot on this planet.

This guys has tons of chicks, and he's doing it with suave and a suit.  Infinitely better than Friends' Joey Tribbiani, and he's incredibly enjoying his time as a bachelor maybe a little too much.  I love how in Halloween he packs up three costumes, namely:

1. A Navy pilot from Top Gun while Danger Zone is playing in the background;
2. A devil who's trying to convince Ted to go to the Victoria's Secret party instead; and
3. A penguin to convince Ted that he's the girl Ted's looking for. 

He's living the life of a bachelor, and he has the money to live it.  He's something I wish I was but I know I couldn't be.  You can call him LEGEN... 

Wait for it...  Wait for it...


B. I have a huge crush on Robin Scherbatsky, the character or the real person.

She's beautiful, gorgeous, attractive (I really don't want to put all adjectives to describe her beauty) and she's willing to be friends with someone she knows likes her.

'Nuff said.

C. The fact that "I" was more or less Ted Mosby, the main character of the show. 

Yes, I am somewhat relating to the main character.  This guy is a hopeless romantic.  He wants things to happen in a certain way and he's willing to wait for the perfect moment or timing for this despite the others telling him that there's no perfect moment; just a moment of knowing of whether you made a mistake or not.

The best trait (or worst depending on you) is that he's an OVERthinker!  He comes up with scenarios in his head on what would happen if he said this or he did that, etc., when he should only live in the moment and just look at what he'd done later.

A true gentleman as well, he knows his relationship with Robin will be as friends so he keeps the fact that he still likes her for the longest time while keeping the friendship intact.

You ultimately know as early as the pilot that Ted and Robin won't be together, but it was fun going through the episodes of how Ted tries to make it work and the universe just doesn't seem to cooperate.

That's it for now.  I can't wait to start on Season 2 as soon as I finish downloading it. ;)

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