Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sorry for recycling.

I've been feeling a little bit peeved these past few days and while I was talking to K, at first I believed I was irked because of rumors flying about. However, as the conversation moved on, I realized that it's not about the rumors, but the expectations they have on me.

What sucks is that they perceive me as a good guy who's very much responsible that when I royally screw up, it's like my myth has been destroyed.

Anyway, here was a post I wrote in my previous blog. It's about expecting.


What is it with expecting? People are guilty of this, as I am.

We expect good things to happen to us, whether it’s just to make us happy or to accomplish something. When did you not expect to pass an exam after all the hard work you did the night before studying? When did you not expect to go early to work after getting all prepared three hours before your shift?

But still, something happens, whether for some dumb luck you didn’t follow the instructions in the exam negating all your right answers, or you experience a heavy downpour and the traffic jam extends for kilometers. In the end, you fail the exam and you come late for work.

What’s surprising is that if what you expected actually happened. When you pass an exam when you feel confident and you expect to pass, you are not surprised at all. When you get to work early after preparing early, same thing. In the NBA, you expect the Spurs to win, and when they won, most of us were not surprised, right? It’s like there’s no big deal at all.

What then is the result if the opposite happens? The surprise kicks in! Many of us expected the Pistons to win over the Cavs. We were wrong, and disappointed at how the Pistons imploded. Whenever I feel confident about passing an exam and I failed, I get disappointed because I thought everything would be fine. When I leave early to get to work and then I became late because of a traffic jam, I’d feel disappointed too.

What’s the common denominator for the "something wrong" scenario? Disappointment.

Maybe we should just start living life without any expectations. Life is full of surprises, right? Why not enjoy those surprises instead of expecting something to happen?

Expect, and you expect disappointment. That’s something new I learned today.

For those people, I'd like to say I'm sorry for screwing up big time. But I won't be sorry for making you set the bar that high. That just proves you're so wrong about me.

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  1. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....

    Maybe we should just start living life without any this even possible? :(