Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dream (Part 1?)

I had a dream last Thursday where I was at work, doing my calls while sitting on this:

Now remember, this is a dream so you shouldn't wonder why my office seat is a toilet bowl. Of course, toilet bowls are there for a purpose; I was doing the "deed" while I was working.

Of course hilarity ensues as people do their normal workload and continue to use me as resource, all the while with my pants off! Clients are hearing the water being led out of the toilet as I keep flushing the "thing" down the drain to lessen the smell. My colleagues keep asking me to stop the flushing as they can't hear what the clients are saying.

Pretty weird, no? And all the time I was in there, one thing comes up in my mind:

"Paano ako magpupunas nito?"

1 comment:

  1. bwahahahahhaha...nice dream V!

    here's an interpretation of your dream according to some site..

    "Getting rid of things, especially things that are used up, that are no longer needed, that have gone bad or are toxic. Examples might include outdated or toxic thoughts, emotions, judgments, beliefs, people or relationships."