Monday, March 23, 2009

Money in the Bank!

urely you know the old stories on how people store their money, right? Well, we've pretty much made fun of how my lola did it - with a handkerchief.

Of course it evolved to wallets and whatnot, but we still made fun of how she'd always use the safety pin and bind that wallet with her duster's pockets.

We knew she had money coming from pamigay from my balikbayan aunts and uncles, so we usually ask from her whenever we come up short. To make the long story short, umuutang kami sa kanya! hahaha

She didn't mind anyway, so she always doles out what we need and she does not ask us to pay for it. So we ask and we ask as long as we're short.

After Nanay died, we were looking at her stuff in the room at the back, as we knew she had a wallet that we could not find. What we found it a few weeks later was not just one, but three wallets/bags with money on it.

Of course, we counted the money yesterday, and those stacks totaled at least 100K. We could not believe that she just kept it in her wallets! She actually has more money than I have!

And look, she has her Social Security Card from when she was in the US then.

There are lots of stuff we also unearthed, but that comes at a later time.

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  1. 100K?! wow...looks like your nanay left something for you!