Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why I don't miss my very first blog

One day, I told my friend K about someone I found special then and eventually I showed my MySpace profile which I haven't opened in about 2 years.

Nothing changed. Everything is still as when I left it before. Three pictures are displayed showing who I was then. K continued looking and went so far as to look at her profile and pictures. Eventually, I let her in to my Friendster account so she can look at her profile there as well.

That's when K saw her blog and I had to tell K that I had a blog there as well. Yes, my very first blog. Of course, K read everything from the beginning, but I never did. I suddenly remembered everything, from the emotions I felt then to the words I said on my blog.

I then realized that I miss everything.

It's true that you try to forget the bad parts of your life and remember those good parts, and I can say that I haven't forgotten the good times we had together.

I miss those times, and maybe that's the reason why I keep looking for the one I can be in love with.

Here's what I really miss:

1. I miss being able to make a girl happy with a simple gift or gesture.

2. I miss being able to hold someone's hand.

3. I miss being able to constantly talk to someone.

4. I miss constantly saying "I love you" using any form of communication.

5. I miss being called or calling someone "baby".

6. I miss waking up and knowing that there's a girl thinking of me too.

To sum it up, I miss being in love and everything that comes with it.


  1. "I miss waking up and knowing that there's a girl thinking of me too."

    awwww....dalawa na taung sad..

  2. Read your blog on 'expectations'...SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Maybe we should just start living life without any expectations. Life is full of surprises, right? Why not enjoy those surprises instead of expecting something to happen?

    Expect, and you expect disappointment."